#1 Garage Cleanouts Service In Georgia Affordable & Local

Do you need to get rid of all that junk in your garage? Are you tired of parking your car on the street?  Wish you could make better use of your garage for things it was made for… like your car!?!? Well I’ve got some Good News for you…Good News Junk Removal!

We are your local garage junk removal company located in Dallas, GA and Douglasville, GA and serving the greater metro Atlanta, GA market area. Whether you are getting rid of an old sofa out of your garage or you need an entire garage cleanout service, cleaning up your garage can be a time-consuming activity. Plus garage cleanups could require you to move some heavy items that could be dangerous.  

Plus you’ll have to worry about finding a vehicle that can safely and economically pick up your unwanted garage junk and remove it. You’d also have to pay the junk disposal fees at a local landfill, an unnecessary burden for both your bank account and our environment. Or you can call Good News Junk Removal and they will get rid of your junk with eco-friendly garage cleanout services.  That’s right, Good News Junk Removal will handle all of the heavy lifting to get rid of your unwanted garage junk. 

Our garage junk removal service includes garage junk removal specialists to pickup your unwanted garage junk, ii) bigger junk dump trucks to haul your furnishings and appliances away, and iii) we even try to donate and recycle up to 60% of your garage junk items to minimize what goes to the landfill. Garage cleanouts are just one of the many junk hauling and light demolition services we offer from our locations in Dallas, Georgia and  Douglasville, Georgia.

We service 9 different counties in northern Georgia and their are dozens of more Cities we Service. Our inexpensive garage junk hauling, garage cleanouts and garage cleanup services will save you from the hard manual labor. So rest easy knowing we cleanout professionals are handling your garage cleaning needs.

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