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Stay Cool With Air Conditioners and Fans From Lowe’s

When the temperature starts climbing, we have everything you need to beat the heat. From air conditioning systems to table fans, find the perfect option to keep your space cool and comfortable year-round. At Lowe’s, you’ll find a variety of air conditioners for sale from top brands.

Choosing the Right A/C Unit

Not sure which air conditioning system to purchase? Central air conditioning systems work to cool your entire home but may not always be the practical solution because of the required duct work. In addition to central air, wall mounted air conditioners are another permanent cooling solution. These are great options if you have areas that aren’t connected to the central A/C system, although installation is required.

Looking for a portable option? Personal air conditioners, like the LG Portable Air Conditioner, are an alternative to window air conditioners and provide you with the mobility to bring cool air where you need it most. Evaporative air coolers, or air coolers, are a cost-effective option that uses water and a fan to cool things down: The fan draws in warm air that then passes over damp pads, creating an instant cooling effect. If you want more control over your air conditioner, consider a smart air conditioner. These smart options allow you to use your smartphone to monitor and adjust the unit and can even connect with other smart home systems for added convenience. 

When choosing your air conditioner, keep in mind the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. A unit with higher BTUs provides more cool air, which can better cool rooms that are naturally warmer, like kitchens, sunny spaces or areas with high ceilings. 

A Fan Might Do the Trick 

Cooling fans can be an effective way to cool down a space or supplement your existing system. Window fans are great for living rooms or bedrooms. They’re designed to pull cool outdoor air in and circulate it around the room or push stale indoor air out, creating a more comfortable environment. Tower fans feature space-saving designs, so you can tuck them into corners while still enjoying effective cooling. Oscillating fans have heads that move from side to side to provide excellent air distribution throughout the room. Need something that fits on a table, desk or shelf? A desk fan is a small but efficient fan that can be easily moved where you need it. 

Whether it’s an air cooler, a standing air conditioner or an HVAC system, Lowe’s offers a wide selection of some of the best air conditioners — including Amana® air conditioners and LG air conditioners — to ensure that when outside temperatures rise, you stay cool inside. We even carry important parts, like A/C fans, to keep your systems running properly. As you shop, make your purchase easier by checking out reviews and buying guides that offer information on air conditioning types, setup and how to use your unit. If you’re looking to save, make sure to look out for air conditioner sales to score some great deals at Lowe’s.


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