Business Coaching and Mentoring for Tradies & Contractors

Business Coaching and Mentoring for Tradies & Contractors – Builders, Electricians, Plumbers & HVAC

Business Advisory & Coaching

for the Trades & Construction Industry

We give business owners clarity, consistency & choice. Discover how to build a business that works for you!

How PROTRADE United can help

PROTRADE United understands the specific roadblocks that occur when building a successful trades and construction business.

We deliver practical business solutions, designed with over 87 years of industry experience.

We will take you through a specifically designed and proven process to:

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years of




for trades and construction businesses

We exist to help trade and construction business owners create CONSISTENCY of profit and cash flow to give them freedom of CHOICE.

“The biggest change I have experienced is that I’ve prioritised working on myself first. Previously, I was working for everyone else first and the limited energy I had left would be for myself.”

Ruben Seeto – Seeto Air

we believe your
business is a

to help you achieve more of what matters

At PROTRADE United we believe your business is a vehicle. A vehicle to help you achieve more of what matters most to you.


While working with PROTRADE we implemented systems to allow us to become more aware of our financials, our cash flow, and our profitability.

David & Kalah Lubbock – Affinity Plumbing


Your team are a reflection of you. do you like what you see?

To create consistency of cash flow and the freedom of choice you will need a team. Not just any group of stragglers; the best that you can find and keep.


“PROTRADE has really opened my eyes at how business can almost run itself.”

Ryan McMahon– RJM Builders


It’s all possible with the right tools and execution

With a focus on providing the right tools for financial growth, we can also help you improve efficiency and automate your business processes

“What I love about PROTRADE is there is a whole team of people there that have got your back.”

Brooke Goodwin – Brooke’s Blooms

Why Choose PROTRADE United

Practical Experience You Can Count On

We have worked with more than 3,800 businesses over the past 18 years and our mentors have 87 years combined industry coaching experience.

Large Community of Trades & Construction Business Owners

Join a community of driven trades and construction business owners dedicated to lifting the industry standard.

A Focus on Implementation not Just Information

Information without action will achieve nothing. We focus on implementing process and systems specifically designed for trades and construction businesses.

Exclusive for Trade & Construction Businesses

PROTRADE United only works with trades and construction business owners. All Information, tools, templates and advice is specific to the industry.

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Australia & New Zealand’s

  • A dedicated team of professionals that have worked with over 3800 businesses across 18 years
  • Clients receive exclusive access to 350+ tools, templates and implementation videos
  • Access to Live Industry Breakthrough Summits – delivering cutting edge street smart content
  • Supported with financial expertise that ensure you have clarity and confidence around the key numbers
  • Exclusive to the trade & construction industry – Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Builders, Landscapers HVAC, Roofers, Tilers, Plasterers, Painters and more.
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Check out our complimentary tools, templates and information we have that you can use in your business today.

47 Ways to Generate more Leads

Designed specifically for Trades and Construction Business Owners to create clarity, consistency, and choice in building your business.

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