CCB Contractor Search

The most accurate way to look up a license is with a CCB license number. Contractors must put this number on their advertising, including brochures, websites, and business cards. Ask the contractor for the number, if necessary.

Other ways to search:

  • Search all or part of the business name or the last name of the contractor. However, if you cannot find the contractor this way, do not assume they are unlicensed. If no match is found, it may be due to a discrepancy in the spelling or the punctuation of the name. Is it Andy’s or Andys? Is it S&F or S & F or SandF or S and F? Sometimes, less is better. Search for Schmitt, not Schmitt Contracting Inc.
  • The business telephone number, in some cases. Type numbers only. Use xxxxxxxxxx instead of (xxx) xxx-xxxx.


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