Family Recreational Pools

Pools for Large Families – For a family of six to eight people, you will do well to go with an 18 foot by 36-foot pool. This will allow enough room for everyone. A rectangular pool is likely the best choice for this size.

Pools for Smaller Families – For a family of less than six people, a 16 by 32-foot pool usually does the trick. You have more options for shapes here while still allowing room for swimming and relaxation.

Smaller Pools – Smaller backyards can still have pools to allow you to cool down and relax. You’ll probably go with a pool that’s under a 14 foot by 25-foot size.

Lap Pools – A rectangular pool with a minimum length of 30 feet is best for swimming laps.

Olympic Size Pools – We build custom Olympic size pools for competitive and athletic swimmers.


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