Full Service Excavation, Trenching, & Underground Construction

Underground Construction

Our team of experienced operators provide trenching, boring, and excavation solutions for any type of project. After reviewing the soil composition of your project we determine whether the project requires an excavator, mini, trencher, or a backhoe loader in order to dig the required depth for the project. You can count on the skill and expertise of Casa Tech Systems to complete trenching and excavation projects at reasonable costs. We do trenching for contractors working with electrical, cabling, and utilities. We can communicate with the public and private utility locators, contractors, subcontractors and all inspectors to get the project done professionally and efficiently. Our directional drilling service is cost effective and more efficient than traditional methods. We can repair pipes, install new services and assist with electrical, communications, and fiber optic projects including Arizona Statewide Trenchless Technology boring services.


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