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General Contractors | Home Improvement | Networx Find & Compare Expert General Contractors. Free General Contracting Quotes. General contractors are contractors who supervise construction projects. They often subcontract parts of the project to subcontractors. Homeowners and business owners all hire general contractors for start-to-finish construction work. There are a lot of general contractors to choose from in most areas, and it can be hard to find one who is honest and trustworthy.

Check the references of the general contracting companies you are considering, and look at photos of their work. If possible, visit their finished jobs in person. Remember to budget 15-20% more than estimated for the project. An important question to ask previous customers of the general contractors you are interviewing is if they were able to stick to the budget they proposed. Beware of general contractors who offer you mysteriously low bids – they might do shoddy work, or there might be hidden charges.

Remodeling Networx can help you find a general contractor who follows the Networx Quality Code. That means that he will give you a fair price for general contracting and communicate with you in a professional manner. Our contractors are rated and reviewed by homeowners and business owners like you. If a general contractor receives even one legitimate bad review, we remove him from the site. Enter your ZIP code in the field above to receive multiple free quotes from general contractors.

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