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Discovering Amateur Radio!
View the 32 minute video below introducing you to the world of radio and ham radio.
Don’t skip it, you will be glad you watched it till the end!
You may be surprised at all of the ways radio is used in your every day life!

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Ham Radio Days are Back: 
Ham Radio Licenses at an all time high!

Fox News Article and video. 11-22-2011

How to Get Started in Ham Radio in the U.S. (keep reading)

The FCC, Federal Communications Commission, established amateur radio as a voluntary, non-commercial, radio communications service. It allows licensed radio operators to improve their communications and technical skills, while providing the nation with a pool of trained radio operators and technicians who can provide essential communications during emergencies.

Ham radio/Amateur radio has something fun for everyone. Ham Radio is well known as a most important communications backup for our Federal Government in times of emergency. If you have ever heard severe weather reports from “trained spotters” on a TV or radio station weather alert, hams are usually those trained spotters sometimes risking their lives to help warn the public of dangerous weather ahead. They are not paid for this service! NOAA weather stations usually have ham radio operators and equipment on board at you local weather station to monitor the “spotter ham radio frequencies” so they can get the severe weather reports out to the public much faster. Many “eyes” on the ground are much better than radar in many cases and licensed “hams” volunteer their time, equipment and expert techniques to provide this service to their community and surrounding areas.

Weathermen will tell you that the weather radar is limited in the outer areas of the radar coverage, so this is where real eyes on the ground, trained spotters, can save lives by reporting back to the weather service office via ham radio, not cell phones which may be dead, about severe weather that may be heading your way…far in advance of the actual radar picking up the bad weather! 

When “hams” are not participating in emergency communications, they enjoy just listening and talking to other licensed “hams” nearby and worldwide along with experimenting with radio communications of all types. To become part of this, you must show to the Federal Government that you have the training and skills by passing an exam to get licensed. You don’t have to volunteer as a trained spotter like many hams do, but if you want to give back to your community, you would be welcomed to join the ranks of weather spotters.

Amateur Radio operators are people from all walks of life–no matter what age, gender or physical ability. Did you know that most of the NASA astronauts are Amateur Radio Operators? You’re never too young or old. There is no age requirement! And, getting started in Amateur Radio has never been easier!

Now, you no longer have to learn Morse Code to get your first Ham Radio License, the Technician Class license, as in years past! Just pass a 35 question multiple choice written exam given by volunteer Ham Radio Operators who want you to pass your exam and become one of them and you’re on your way!

The Ham Radio Operator License Classes:

In the U.S., there are 3 license levels, or “license classes.”
These licenses are granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

You don’t buy a ham radio license, you earn it by study and passing the license exam.

Technician Class – The First level of Ham radio license

The Technician class license is designed for beginning level hams.
This is where you will open the door and go inside to the exciting world of Ham Radio and learn more about Amateur Radio as you progress.
Technician class operators now have 10 meter voice privileges
plus CW only on 80, 40, 15 and 10 meters!
It authorizes you ALL ham radio privileges above 30 Megahertz (MHz).
1500 watts of power and these privileges include the very popular 2-meter band. Many Technician licensees enjoy using small 2-meter hand-held radios to stay in touch with other hams in their area or operating from just about any vehicle, boat, etc. Imagine sending live TV in realtime over the air or just still pictures over the air! Technician class Hams may operate FM voice, many digital modes including packet (computers), television, single-sideband voice and several other interesting modes. As a Technician class Ham Radio Operator, you can even make international radio contacts via Ham Radio satellites, and actually communicate directly to hams aboard the International Space Station (ISS) using relatively simple and inexpensive equipment.

Imagine the thrill of talking to the astronauts, many of whom are licensed “ham radio operators”, aboard the Space Station, talking directly to ham radio satellites in space that relay your signals to earth far beyond your horizon, or just around the block or around the world using your own licensed  station and equipment! Using the computer and Ham radio, you can “talk” using your voice or the keyboard to ham friends or make new ones literally around the world using less power than a 100 watt light bulb!
Hams know how to do this! It’s certainly not CB radio!
I’ts way beyond and out of this world excitement over radio!

Remember, you must be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, (the FCC) and in order to get a ham radio license, you must pass an exam to receive your license. Exam testing is usually given in or near your local area by ham radio operators that want you to pass the test!

To earn a Technician Ham license, which is the entry level license, and will get you started and open the many “doors” awaiting you, you’ll need to pass the Technician written exam. It is written with the beginner in mind. With a little study on your part and a passing grade behind you, you get your first ham radio license! The license is FREE and issued by the Federal Government with easy renewal after 10 years! You will get a call sign shortly after passing the exam that is issued by the FCC.
There are three classes of ham radio operators along with three multiple-choice exams.  You don’t need a background in Electronics although it does help for the higher classes of licenses. You’ll study topics such as radio operating practices, FCC rules and regulations pertaining to amateur radio and very basic electrical and electronic theory.
Children do it all the time and so can you! Teens love it to when they get into it and off of the cell phone which by the way usually goes down in bad storms! But ham radio operators know how to bypass the cell phone system by using their own radio transmitter and equipment! You can do all of this with a Technician class license and lots more.

Learn more about the study materials!

General Class Ham license – The second level and the most popular class of Ham license is the General Class. You get privileges on ALL Ham bands.
Learn more about the study materials!

Extra Class – The highest level of Ham license is called Extra Class.
You get all the Ham bands and all the authorized Ham radio frequencies. 
Learn more about the study materials!

In order to advance up the ladder to General Class and then Extra if you want the highest license class, you first take the Technician exam, then the General and last the Extra class. You do not have to advance if you are happy with staying with the Technician class but most Ham radio operators go for the more popular General class after passing the Technician and getting a bit of experience. The General class authorizes ALL ham radio bands and modes. Some people even take all three exams in one sitting! The tests have to be taken in order. You can’t skip a test.

Where Do you Start?
You already have by reading this far! Your already on your way!

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) publishes excellent ham radio license study guides for all classes of ham licenses to help you learn the things you’ll need to pass your exam and have fun with Amateur Radio.
Most licensed Ham Radio Operators have studied them to pass their exams. They are highly recommended and contain ALL of the study material needed to pass the exam including the exact questions and answers that will be on the exam!
The Technician Class study guide below opens the door to ham radio and is all you need to study to pass the first exam.

(The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual)

Get it Here! New Arrl Ham Radio License Manual with CD!

It contains everything you will need to know to pass your Technician class exam.  
New Latest November Revised 2nd Edition with Practice CD
Book and CD-ROM. All you need to become an Amateur Radio Operator!
This book includes the ARRL Exam Review CD-ROM
 (requires Microsoft Windows).
Use it with your book to review the study material.
Take randomly-generated practice exams using questions from the actual examination question pool.
You won’t have any surprises on exam day!

Take a look at these highly recommendedHam Radio Study guides
and don’t put it off. Order one today!—–YOU CAN DO IT!
About 700,000 plus hams in the U.S. did and so can you!
Don’t forget a few million hams in other countries too!
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