In the plumbing business for over 35 years, I personally strive for a few things: One is to always be on top of education, being part of new technology, new products and new training. I pride myself in the constant growth and renewing education making my skills better all the time, and training my Plumbers and apprentices to reach new levels.

I also enjoy multiple training classes I currently instruct Plumbing apprentices, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling code updates, and safety classes like OSHA.Family is the reason I do all that I do. Raising beautiful, intelligent and talented children is the ultimate reward.

It takes time, passion, love and patience to name a few, where my wife and I share the weight, we both love our family and home. I write this because I feel it is important to share that when I enter a customer’s home, this is the type of person I am and I take your family, home and plumbing issues as if they were my own, you’ve trusted me to come in, and it’s my job to keep that trust unbroken, by delivering the best possible service and experience.

Honest, Fair and Right are Casa’s core values!