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The Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers Association is a nonprofit association representing the new home and home improvement industries in Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline… virtually the entire Eastern Iowa / Western Illinois area.

The Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers Association in cooperation with the Home Builders Association of Iowa and the National Association of Home Builders works hard to find solutions for providing the public with quality, safe, affordable housing as well as generating funds to put back into our local communities.

Members of the Association are from any company deriving business from the building & remodeling industries. They can range from trade contractors to designers, financial institutions to insurance companies, etc. Check the membership directory to see if the businesses you frequent are members!


Message from The President – Great Northern Builders Blog

Warmest of spring greetings from Great Northern Builders!  Spring is always eagerly anticipated in New England, but this year, it holds even greater promise, as we look forward to having more individuals vaccinated against COVID 19, and making some progress towards pre-pandemic normalcy.  

At Great Northern, we have spent the winter months designing and executing several remodeling projects locally.  Multi-generational living, Aging In Place/Universal Design, kitchen and master bath remodels, additions and custom barns and garages remain the core of our work in the community.  

As some of you may know, Len and I have both evolved in our roles at GNB in 2021.  Len’s title is now Founder.  As company founder, Len remains the creative force behind our designs, our Sales Manager, and mentor to our team.  I have moved into the role of President, overseeing human resources, project process, and client relations.  Len has always been the creative guy, and I am a system and process person.  In assuming these new titles, it allows both of us to dwell in our areas of strength.  This is something Len and I have been working towards for a few years and we are both excited about the opportunity. 

Professional growth and continuing education has been a priority team-wide this winter.  Our project managers recently completed Project Management training via the National Association of Home Builders, and the whole field crew renewed their lead-safety certification.  We also continue to grow and develop our relationships with our trade partners, taking good care of them so they in turn can take good care of our clients. 

While we have continually worked to deliver larger projects on time and on budget, we have also been able to maintain excellent value for our clients.  Our family run, small sized company has kept it’s overhead lean and has found a sustainable volume and company size that allows us to deliver a consistent output of successfully completed projects at an efficient rate (hint: the pre-construction process helps!).  Great Northern provides Design/Build/Remodel under one roof, and guides its clients through our proven process.  We take care of the details, you enjoy the results!


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2022 Cost To Remodel A House

Remodeling Costs Guide provides accurate remodel and home renovation cost estimates for the most popular interior and exterior projects.

On average, doing a complete house renovation costs $44,000-75,000, depending on the number of rooms you want remodeled, scope of work, as well as local labor rates. However, most homeowners choose to tackle one room or project at a time. This saves money and makes the process less overwhelming.

Estimate the costs of over 75 popular interior remodeling, exterior construction, electrical, mechanical (HVAC / plumbing) projects, grouped by type.

Get started on your remodel by requesting free estimates from contractors near you.

In this guide:
Average home renovation costs
Remodeling cost per square foot
Remodel cost by room type (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement
Renovation Cost by project type: painting, drywall, insulation, electric, plumbing, etc
Cost to install HVAC, heating, cooling, boiler, etc
Return on investment for top remodels

Whether you are a homeowner, investor, or real estate broker, this price guide is an accurate reference tool for planning a budget for your projects.

Remodeling cost estimates for this guide are sourced from over 100+ medium and large remodeling and general contractors, extensive research and the Remodeling Magazine.

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A House?

A low-end, basic whole house remodel costs $16,000-48,000, depending on the size of the house. This usually involves cosmetic updates and minor repairs, inexpensive lighting and floor replacement, as well as light landscaping.

A mid-range home renovation costs anywhere from $48,000 – 75,000. This type of remodel can include a full bathroom and kitchen remodel, some exterior updates, such as new siding, together with using higher-end building and finishing materials.

A high-end remodel costs as much as $85,000-200,000+. These upscale projects involve lay – out changes, all new expensive kitchen cabinetry and appliances, updated plumbing, electric and HVAC systems, as well as new roof, siding, etc.

Currently, most remodeling costs are up about 5-10%, compared to last year. This is due to the increased material costs, as well as shortage of qualified labor. Roof replacement costs have been pretty stable over the past 10 years, increasing very slightly at a rate of about 1% per year.

Also, keep in mind that remodeling prices may vary by as much as 20-30% or more. This will depend on such factors as:

– the contractor you hire and local labor rates
– type of finishing materials used (budget vs. mid-range vs high-end; custom vs. stock)
– existing house conditions
– unexpected problems discovered during the course of the remodel, such rot, mold or water damage
– your geographic location
– accessibility issues
– type of property (rental, condo, private home, historic building)

The most expensive and labor intensive remodels are the kitchen, bathroom, finishing the basement or the attic. Full remodels of these rooms typically involve both plumbing and electric work, which drives up the total cost.

You can use our Remodeling Costs Calculator to quickly and accurately estimate how much you will spend on renovations in your home.

Remodeling Cost Per Square Foot

Typically, renovating a home costs $15 – 75 per square foot. However, this price can go up to as much as $120-200 per square foot depending on the project and scope of work.

Lets take a look how much you might end up spending per square foot for each room in the house:

Room Type Remodel Cost Per Sq.Ft.
Living room $18-50
Bedroom $15-45
Kitchen $45-180+
Bathroom $35-100+
Basement $25-90
Multiple rooms $15-25 per square foot
Attic $60-190
Addition $80-200
Complete gut renovation $75-185

Home Remodel Cost By Room Type

There are many renovations you can undertake inside your home. The most popular updates that have the highest ROI and can improve the value of your home are listed below.

In 2022, doing a kitchen or a bathroom remodel remains at the top of the list, as one of the most desirable updates.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Project Cost Project Details
Average Kitchen Remodel Cost $19,720 (includes labor) This price includes the following: 20 linear feet of cabinets, 200 sq.ft of floor tile and installation, 30 sq. ft. of backsplash tile and installation, 4 piece set of stainless steel appliances(Energy Star Rated) 45 ft2 of granite countertop (Colorado gold or Venetian gold), 50/50 under-mount sink, pull down faucet, dishwasher kit, track light fixture, new garbage disposal, and painted kitchen walls.
New Kitchen Cabinets $3,965 (includes installation) This price includes: 20 linear feet of Birch Wood cabinets (base & wall), available in 3 colors. Add $145 for each additional linear foot. Maple cabinets should be calculated at $185/1 linear foot.
Kitchen Countertops $35-100 /sq.ft2 This is the price for installing basic color granite counters with standard eased or bevel edge. $10 /sq.ft2 more for other edge types, and $10-15 /sq.ft2 more for premium colors. You should budget an additional $200 for installing an undermount sink.
Backsplash Accent Tile (glass / metal / stone / mosaic) $7-15/sq.ft.(includes materials and labor) Accent tile costs vary widely. Depending on design and material, backsplash tile can cost as little as $3-5/sq.ft. and as much as $15-25/sq.ft. If you have 30 sq. ft. of backsplash accent tile, your cost will be around $23-39+ per sq.ft for labor and materials.
Kitchen Faucet $190-500+ (includes installation) Price includes a new kitchen faucet, removal of old unit and installation of new pull-out / pull down faucet.

Installation / Labor cost for replacing a faucet is $140-200 when you hire a handyman. New faucets range in price from $70 to $300+ and may in some cases also require new water lines ($7-10 each) and in rare cases replacement of water shut-off valve. Price for plumbing work to replace shut-off valve is not included here.

Kitchen Sink $650-2,000+ (includes installation) Price includes a new kitchen sink, removal of the old unit and installation of the sink.

Installation / Labor cost for replacing a drop – in sink in an existing counter averages $400-600. Kitchen sinks range in prices depending on the material and type of sink you choose. The cheapest are ceramic drop-in sinks that you can buy for $250-350. Stainless steel sinks are by far the
most popular and cost $150-700+.

High-end materials such as copper, enamel cast iron, fireclay, quartz, and others can cost well over $1,000. Farmhouse and double-basin sinks are considered higher-end and are more expensive than a standard single-basin drop-in sink.

Garbage Disposal $235-460 (includes installation) Remove old garbage disposal, install new drain basket, attach new garbage disposal, attach electrical and plumbing (drain). Optionally attach a dishwasher drain.

If you do not have a disposal currently, there will be an additional $75-125 charge to adjust / re-route drain pipes.

Appliances $3,000-20,000 Most kitchen renovations include replacing all major appliances (stove, refrigerator and dishwasher). The price range on appliances is extremely wide, depending on the quality, brand names, energy efficiency and level of customization you are looking to have.

If you shop for discounted appliances in big box stores, such as Best Buy and Home Depot, you can easily purchase all your brand name appliances for under $2,500-3,000 total.

Energy Efficient models can cost 20-30% more than traditional ones. High-end appliances, especially those that are custom build can easily start at $4,000-6,000+ for a stove or a fridge.

New Flooring $1,200-3,000 for a 200 sq.ft. space including labor Most kitchen renovations include replacing old flooring. Most popular flooring materials for kitchens include tile (either porcelain or natural stone), hardwood or engineered wood.

Depending on the type of flooring material you select, expect to spend $3-10 per square foot on average, with stone and natural hardwood flooring being the most expensive.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

Project Cost Project Details
Small Bathroom Remodel $7,830 (includes labor) This price includes an allowance of $1,200 for new bathroom fixtures: up to $200 for a tub, up to $112 for a toilet, up to $227 for a vanity, up to $100 for a vanity top, up to $145 for a medicine cabinet, up to $120 for a shower head/bath faucet, up to $80 for a sink faucet, up to $200 for tile, up to $70 for an exhaust fan – see materials only prices. Note, if your bathroom is larger than 40 / ft2, you should calculate an additional $70/sq.ft.
Master Bathroom Remodel $30,000-50,000 This estimate is for a complete renovation of a large master bathroom. It includes: replacement of all fixtures (toilet, tub, shower, enclosure, sink), new countertops, lighting, flooring, wall and shower tile, all new windows and doors, cabinetry and shelving, light plumbing and electric work. While this will not be a luxury renovation, high quality materials will be used in this price range.
Replace Tub With Shower $2,500 – 4,000 Many homeowners who don’t have much use for a tub, opt to remove it completely, and put in a large shower enclosure. The estimate includes both the removal of the tub, and the installation of the shower, as well as all materials. This update can cost more if luxury materials are used.
Steam Shower Installation $3,500 – 15,000 When it comes to such a luxury feature as a steam shower, the price can vary greatly, depending on the type of system you want and the complexity of installation. Prefabricated steam shower kits are the most budget friendly options, and can range from $3,000 to 5,000 for labor and materials. However, a custom built steam shower with all the bells and whistles will start at about $6,000 and can easily cost as much as $15,000-20,000, depending on the shower enclosure size and materials used.
Wall Tile Installation $4.94 – 6.56 / ft2 This price is for tile installation on a prepared area and DOES NOT include the cost of tile itself. Includes: thin-set, grout and installation on walls up to 8 ft. high. Add $1-10+ for a sq.ft of tile (depending on style, quality, material, brand).
Bathroom Vent Fan installation $250 – $800 for labor + materials Includes removal of the old vent, cleaning the exhaust duct, and installing new vent. Price differences come from different quality fans (basic costs $40-70 vs premium models, with noise control, integrated lights, humidity and temperature sensors, costing $200-$300) and different level of installation complexity. If you don’t have exhaust duct already installed, look to pay $300-500 more to install ducts/exhaust.
Replace Flooring $1,000-1,800 for a 120 sq.ft. space including labor New floors are a common project in a complete bathroom make over. The most popular materials include ceramic or porcelain tile, often those that replicate the look of natural wood or stone. Higher-end bathrooms specify natural granite or marble stone floors, while budget remodels often make use of low cost, but water resistant materials, such as linoleum tiles.

Depending on the type of flooring material you select, expect to spend $2-8 per square foot on average, with natural stone and high-end porcelain tile from Italy being the most expensive.

Bedroom Remodel

Project Cost Project Details
Average Bedroom Remodel Cost $8,000 or $100 per sq.ft.(includes labor) This price includes installing new carpet or laminate flooring, new windows and door, interior painting and crown moldings, new lighting, adding insulation
Master Bedroom Remodel Cost $12,000-20,000 (includes labor) This price includes: installing new hardwood or quality carpet flooring, putting in a new closet, new lighting, windows and doors, new interior paint and moldings, minor updates to the master bathroom
Build A Walk-In Closet $950 – 3,600 (includes labor) The cost of building a walk-in closet primarily depends on the closet size. A small 5×5 closet can cost under $1,000. However, large closets for master bedrooms which are usually 80-100 sq.ft.+ can cost close to $3,000+

Basement Remodel

Project Cost Project Details
Basement Finish $35-90/sq.ft2 This price includes framing, electric work, recessed lighting, drywall, taping, sanding texture, paint and carpet.

Attic Remodel

Cost of Attic Conversion (Addition)

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Project Cost Project Details
ge Attic Remodel Cost
$12,000 – $29,000 (includes labor) This price is for remodeling an old finished attic and can include things like new drywall and paint, few flooring and closet, putting in a new window, installing a small bathroom (this puts the price closer to $30,000)
Convert Unfinished Attic To Living Space $64,000 or $192 per sq.ft. (includes labor) This price includes putting in framing, drywall for walls and ceiling, proper ventilation, insulation, HVAC heating and cooling, new flooring, bathroom, painting, plumbing and electric work, installing a safe staircase and egress window.

Home Renovation Costs By Project Type

Here are the cost estimates for the most popular remodels that homeowners need to undertake either as an individual project, as part of a larger home remodel.

These include: interior painting, floor replacement, insulation, drywall installation, crown moldings, door replacement.

Interior Painting

Cost of Interior Painting
$2,138 – $3,197

See costs in your area Start Here – Enter Your Zip Code

Project Cost Project Details
Interior House Painting $1.75 – $3.40 /sq.ft2 (includes the cost of 2 paint colors) This cost is for a floor plan’s sq. ft. Use our Interior Painting Calculator to get a more accurate cost estimate. Total cost depends on square footage. Less than 300 sq.ft. will be $3+ per sq.ft. Over 1500 sq.ft. will be less than $2 per sq.ft.

Install Crown Moldings

Project Cost Project Details
Install Crown Molding $5-8/ln.ft. (includes materials and labor) This estimate is for a regular shape room and basic crown molding materials, such as MDF, PVC, and Polyurathane. Natural wood, plaster and other specialty materials can cost up to 50% more. Also, custom and complex crown molding designs, as well as oddly shaped rooms, with a lot of corners, will cost at least 2-3 times more.

Drywall Installation

Cost to Install Drywall (200 s.f. room)

See costs in your area Start Here – Enter Your Zip Code

Project Cost Project Details
Install Drywall / Sheetrock $52 per sheet (includes materials and labor) This price includes installation of drywall, taping, patching, sanding and texturing per sheet, up to 8 feet
Drywall Plaster $900-1200 per room This price includes labor and materials for plastering a typical 150 sq. ft. room (walls only) with 8 foot ceilings. Plastering the ceiling will add another $400-500 per room.

This price assumes that the homeowner will remove everything (furniture, etc) from the room, and contractor will cover the floors to protect them from damages.

Interior Door Installation

Project Cost Project Details
Replace Interior Door $295 This price is for a wood 6 panel white door and installation. Includes hinges, cutting and fitting the door to the right height. Add $45 for a new door knob with installation.

Floor Replacement

Project Cost Project Details
Hardwood Flooring $7.32 / ft2 This price includes oak wood flooring finished and stained, as well as installation.
Wood Flooring Refinish $2.75-4.10 /sq.ft2 This price includes sanding, staining and polyurethane finish.
Carpet Installation $3.44 /sq.ft2 ($31 / sq. yard This price includes 1/2 inch padding, 38 oz carpet and installation. Removing old carpeting will cost another $0.6 – $0.8 per sq.ft. Note, if your room size is bigger that 12 feet in both directions, you are looking at increased waste on materials side, because carpets come in 12 ft. wide rolls. So if your room is 13′ wide, then you will have 11 feet of waste.
Carpet Installation $3.44 /sq.ft2 ($31 / sq. yard This price includes 1/2 inch padding, 38 oz carpet and installation. Removing old carpeting will cost another $0.6 – $0.8 per sq.ft. Note, if your room size is bigger that 12 feet in both directions, you are looking at increased waste on materials side, because carpets come in 12 ft. wide rolls. So if your room is 13′ wide, then you will have 11 feet of waste.
Laminate Flooring Installation $3 – 10 per sq.ft including labor The cost of laminates flooring depends of the quality of the flooor, whether its waterproof and the brand.On the low end, you can spend $400-600 to install 200 sq.ft. of laminate floors. High-end laminate costs $3,200-4,500 for the same size space.
Vinyl Flooring Installation $3 – 5.5 per sq.ft including labor Vinyl is once of the most affordable flooring materials, and prices depends on the flooring quality, style and and brand you choose. Vinyl tile is the cheapest, while vinyl plank flooring that replicated the look of woof or stone is almost double the price. Luxury LVP vinyl, such as COREtech costs $6-7 per sq.ft. including installation.
Concrete Flooring Installation $2-30 per sq.ft. depending on design The cost to install concrete flooring varies greatly depending on the level of design and finish you want The most basic, grey color concrete floor costs $2-6 per sq.ft. Mid-range design with polish costs $7-14 per sq.ft. and high-end designs with custom stenciling cost $15-30 per sq.ft.

Home Insulation Costs

Below is a list of various insulation projects using Spray Foam, Blown-In Insulation or Fiberglass Rolled or Batt insulation materials, for your whole house, attic, garage, additions, or a stand-alone structure, such as shed or guest house.

Project Cost Project Details
Spray Foam Insulation Cost $6,720 – $12,360
(2000 sq. ft. home)
Cost includes insulating whole house (exterior walls and attic) wi
th Open Cell (lower end of price range) or Closed Cell (upper end of price range) Spray Foam Insulation, installing 3.5″ of insulation in walls, and 5-7″ of foam between rafters or ceiling joists. Does not include any labor needed to remove existing drywall, or any other non-standard preparation work.
Attic Insulation $3,900 – $7,500
(2000 sq. ft.)
Lower price ($3,900) is for insulation attic/ceiling joists only (attic floors), with 8″ of Open Cell spray foam insulation (approximately 28R value). This would leave the attic itself uninsulated.

Upper price range includes insulating roof rafters & attic walls with closed cell spray foam, resulting in 24R in the walls and 38R between the rafters, making your attic space fully insulated, and livable even during cold winter months, granted you have a source of heat in the attic, from furnace outlet, hot water radiator from boiler, or an indoor unit of a ductless heat pump. NOTE that ductless heat pumps also work as Air Conditioners, so you don’t need to run a separate air duct from your central AC.

Cost of electrical upgrades and repairs

This section covers upgrading a 100A to 200A electric service, installing outlets, light switches, circuit breakers, and even an Electric Vehicle (EV) home charging station!

Project Cost Project Details
Upgrade Electrical Panel To 200 amp $1,200-3,000 (labor and materials) This price includes disconnecting and reconnecting the power line, installing a new meter socket and replacing the circuit breaker panel. Upgrading the panel from 200 to 400 amp will cost $2,000-4,000
Recessed (Can) Lighting $210 / fixture This includes wiring, cutting drywall and installation of the fixture.
Bathroom Vent $275 – $700+ for Labor + Materials This cost of the vent itself ($50-$250) and installation. If you already have a bathroom vent installed, and need to replace it, labor cost should be $150-$200. If you need to run the electric wire to the vent & switch, as well as running flex air-duct, cost can exceed $1000.
Adding 15-20 AMP Circuit to Electric Panel $200 – $1000+ for Labor + Materials If you have existing wiring, cost of adding a circuit to the panel should be within $200. If your electrician will need to install new wires through UNFINISHED area, to add receptacles / light switches expect to pay $400-750, depending on length of the wire. Running electric wires through finished walls, can exceed $1,000, depending on the amount of walls that need to be opened up, and re-drywalled after.
Installing 240V EV (electric vehicle) charger $850 – $1200+ for Labor + Materials Home EV chargers are typically a Level 2 J1772 charger that can push 20-40A at 240V to charge your car faster. 30A level 2 charger itself will cost about $459 and as much ad $900 for a 40A Bosch charger.
Tesla “Wall Connector” costs $500 and can push up-to 48A, but will only work for charging Tesla cars (not other EVs), and requires a 60A circuit breaker.

Installation labor cost, including running a 240V cable, installing circuit breaker, and a wall outlet, as well as connecting the charger to the electric circuit will cost $450-$750.

Installing a 15-20A Circuit Breaker $150 – $200 for Labor + Materials If you just need to upgrade/replace a circuit breaker in your panel, the cost of materials ranges from $15-$65, and labor of about $100-$150. During this process, entire electric panel will have to be turned off.
Replacing a 15-20A electric outlet $110 – $150 for Labor + Materials Replacing old 2-prong outlet or a broken outlet should cost $100-$125 in labor and $10-25 in materials. Keep in mind, that it’s ideal that you have a grounded electric cable connected to the outlet.

Plumbing Installation Costs

No major house remodel can make due without plumbing work. In fact, plumbing is considered one of the most expensive projects that really drives up total remodeling costs.

Experts recommend avoiding making changes to existing plumbing unless its an absolutely neccesserary part of the remodel.

Project Cost Project Details
Install All Plumbing In A New Construction Home $12,000-16,500 (labor and materials) This estimate is for a 2,000 sq.ft. home with 2 bathrooms. Having a larger house, more bathrooms, and outdoor kitchen, a pool, or an indoor sauna will greatly increase your total cost.
Install New Piping In A Bathroom $1,000-2,500 (labor and materials) This plumbing work is necessary if you are moving around fixtures in your bathroom
Re-rout a single pipe line $650-900 This is done where are moving a toilet or sink from one place to another
Install Gas Pipes $600-1,000 This is done when you are remodeling your kitchen and want to put in gas piping for a new gas stove.
New Dishwasher With Plumbing $400-600 This is typically done in a new construction home, when you are building a brand new kitchen.
Install A Sump Pump $800-1,300 This sump pump is typically installed in the basement to keep water away from flooding the foundation of the house.
Basic Plumbing Repair 350-650 This includes things like installing a toilet, sink or faucet, repairing a leaking pipe or clogged drain.

Home Improvement Costs For HVAC / Heating / Cooling

This section covers every aspect of heating and cooling your home, installing Central Air systems, Air Ducts, Radiators, Ductless Mini-Splits, etc.

All HVAC equipment must be properly sized to operate at optimal efficiency. Undersized equipment may not deliver enough cool/warm air, whereas oversized equipment will deliver too much cool/warm air, using too much electricity, oil or gas.

We recommend using our HVAC Heat Load (BTU) calculator, to estimate accurate size for your heating/cooling equipment.

PRO TIP Many homeowners are confused by the heating/cooling equipment names and compatibility. Here is a quick clarification:

1) Central Air system consists of a Central AC and Hot Air Furnace. One cools the air, and another one heats it up. Both work together to keep your house comfortable. Both require ductwork (air ducts) to be already installed in your home to deliver cool/warm air from a central location to all the rooms in your house.

2) Boiler is used for heating only, and works by pushing hot water through radiators (located inside your rooms), to warm up the area. Some boilers, like Navien, have integrated tankle
ss water heater, so it heats up the house, and make hot water on demand.

3) Water Heater is exactly what the name implies – it heats up the water, so you can take showers, wash dishes, etc.

4) Ductless heat pump also known as Mini-split system, can be use as an all-in-one AC and heating device. These very efficient HVAC systems do not need ducts to condition your rooms, but only work in one area (zone). Cool / warm air is deceived into your room by an Air Handler (indoor unit). Many ductless systems come in multi-zone configurations, and have many different types of indoor units (wall-mounted, floor-mounted, concealed ceiling cassette, and even a small duct, which can be hidden in the attic, and condition multiple small rooms via short ducts.

Central AIR (AC + Furnace) $6,980-$9,603 (labor and materials) This price includes a 14 SEER 3.5 TON Central AC + 80000 BTU, 96% efficient Gas Furnace. Price includes a drop-in installation of AC compressor, AC coil, Furnace, gas, line-set & electrical connections. This price assumes that you already have air-ducts & gas lines in your house, an existing 240V electrical connection outside, and copper line-set installed.

Installing new copper lines will cost about $390.

Installing new 40-60A, 240V electric circuit will cost additional $500.

Central AC System $4,390 – $6,040 (labor and materials) This price includes a 13 SEER, 3.5 TON central AC – condenser, coil, electric & line-set connection and drop-in installation.

Upgrading to a 16 SEER central AC will cost additional $1300, and will save and will save 18% in operating (electric) costs annually.

Central HEAT PUMP AC $6,850 – $9,860 (labor and materials) This price includes a 16 SEER, 3.5 TON Central Heat Pump AC (heating in temps above 35F degrees) – condenser, coil, electric & line-set connection and drop-in installation. For “emergency” lower temperature heating, an electric heater is usually added for a cost of $180-$250. Ideal for warmer climates. If you live in colder climates, it is recommended to go with “dual-fuel” setup: Central Heat Pump + Gas Furnace.

Upgrading from 16 SEER to 18 SEER Central Heat Pump will cost additional $2300, and will save 11-12% in operating (electric) costs annually.

Central HEAT PUMP + FURNACE $10,160 – $14,607 (labor and materials) This price includes a drop-in installation 16 SEER, 3.5 TON Central Heat Pump AC and 96% AFUE, 80K BTUs Furnace (Gas only), with dual-fuel smart switching between Heat Pump and Gas heating, depending on outside temperature.

Upgrading from 16 SEER to 18 SEER, will cost additional $2430, and will save 11-12% in operating (electric) costs annually.

Ductless Mini Split AC (Heat Pump) – 12000 BTU – 1 Zone $3,500 – $4,000 (Labor + Materials) Price includes installation a 12000 BTU Mitsubishi M-Series (23.1 SEER) Ductless Mini-Split AC / Heating systems with one indoor unit and one outdoor condenser, checking line-set (up to 50 feet) for leaks and filling with refrigerant (R410A), as well as doing all necessary electrical connections.

Each additional zone with 12K BTU will cost about $3000 extra.

High Heat models such as H2i series (26.1 SEER), which are perfect for any application in a sub-freezing environment (-10F or lower ambient temperature) will cost about $400-600 more per zone.

If you do not have 230V power available at desired location for outdoor unit, you will need to get it installed for about $300-450 extra.

You can opt for a less known brands to save about $1000-1500. You can also find some highly ranked MrCOOL brands on Amazon for $1200-$1300 total equipment cost. MrCOOL is a fully DIY-target manufacturer based in US. If you don’t feel comfortable installing a Mini-Split yourself, you can hire an HVAC professional to do the work for about $1000-1500, which would bring the final cost to about $2000-$2700 for a 1 zone 12000 BTU system.

Learn more about benefits of Ductless Heat Pumps

TANKLESS Hot Water Heater $1400-3500* Labor + Materials with basic warranty 10-15 years This price includes removal & disposal of the old water heater and installing a new tankless unit, one with all connections. Relocating the water heater (if you need to vent the gas outside, using power vent option) costs extra.

  • Electric Tankless water heaters cost $300-600 less to install, than gas.
  • Electric option may and often will require Service Panel Upgrade to 200 Amps ($900-1200 extra)
  • Gas option will cost much less to operate (in energy costs).
  • Gas units will often need to be power vented, and sometimes may not be vented into chimney.
  • Adding power vent costs $400-600, and relocation may cost $300-$1000
Hot Water Heater (storage tank) $950 Labor + Materials with basic warranty 4-5 years (40 Gallon Gas) This price includes removal of the existing water heater and installing a new one with all connections. Relocating the water heater costs extra.

  • A 50 Gallon Gas tank would cost extra $100.
  • Electric hot water heater usually costs $100 less than Gas unit with same specs and warranty.
  • Extended warranty period (from 4 to 8 years OR from 5 to 10 years) would be $100 extra.
  • Tankless water heaters usually cost $900-1,700 more than storage tank with same fuel type
Furnace Installation – 90K BTU $4,775 (Labor + Materials) This price includes removal of an existing furnace, installation of a new 90% efficiency 90,000 BTU furnace with all connections. It does not include combustion air installation if it does not already exist. (Covers 1800-2400 SF)

Use our new Furnace Price Estimator to get more accurate cost, based on your house size and location.

Hydronic Heating System $7,500-9,000 (labor and materials) Includes boiler, radiators/baseboards and new gas boiler. Oil boiler + new oil tank will be about $1700 extra.
See the differences between Oil vs Gas boiler.
Electric Sub-Floor Heating Installation $15,000-18,000 or $10-12/sq.ft This cost estimate is for a 1,500 sq.ft. space and includes all labor and materials. Radiant f
loor heating can be installed pretty much with any type of flooring and is a wonderful luxury for homes located in cold climates. The most popular rooms for heated floors are bathrooms and bedrooms.

Cost to Install Hot Water Heater (50 Gallon)
$850 – $1270

See costs in your area Start Here – Enter Your Zip Code

Return On Investment For Top Renovations

When embarking on any major remodeling project in your house its important to think about the prospective return on investment.

Some remodels are done right before the sale of the house in order to boost its value, while others are done for personal enjoyment with the goal of adding long terms value to the home.

Here are the National Average ROI figures for the most popular remodeling projects.

Project Type Remodel Cost Average ROI Your Return
Minor kitchen remodel $21,198 81.10% $17,191
Mid-range full kitchen remodel $63,829 59% $37,637
High-end full kitchen remodel $125,721 53.50% $67,212
Mid-range full bathroom remodel $19,134 70.10% $13,422
High-end full bathroom remodel $61,662 56.20% $34,644
Interior Painting $3,185 107.00% $3,408
Floor replacement (hardwood) $18,500 75.00% $13,875
Finishing the attic (with bathroom) $47,240 62.00% $29,289
Finishing the basement (with bathroom) $56,850 73.00% $41,501
Window Replacement (wood) $19,391 69.50% $27,901
Window Replacement (vinyl) $15,995 74.30% $11,884

Keep in mind that the actual return on investment on any remodel will largely depend on local real estate market trends as well as the level of renovation you are doing.

If you are not sure whether a specific remodel is a smart investment, its best to contact a local experienced real estate agent for advice.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)

See costs in your area Start Here – Enter Your Zip Code


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