Welcome to Pirate Radio 104.7


Welcome to Pirate Radio 104.7 – Greeley Area Radio!

Playing oldies that everyone wants to hear but nobody plays them!

    What’s Playing Now?

apple health Listen Live!    Stream sponsored by Stitched in Stones
We have a high quality live audio stream!

Many web browsers will allow you to listen to our stream simply by clicking the play arrow (“>”) below; Safari on macOS, or any browser on iOS for iPads or iPhones, are the most notable examples that will not.

Your user agent does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

Alternatively, listen via iTunes, VLC, Windows Media Player, or any other AAC+ capable audio player on your computer or your Apple iOS or Android device.

Simply copy and paste this URL into the “Open Location…,” “Open Stream…,” “Open Network…” or similar field of your streaming audio app or client:


If you have a Windows computer with a slow Internet connection, you may prefer to listen to our low-bandwidth Windows Media stream here.

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Without our sponsors, we couldn’t stay on the air and you wouldn’t get to listen to the music you love! Support these fine businesses that support Pirate 104.7
Pirate Schedule Schedule o’ the day
Come view our schedule o’ the day to see which music and if your favorite member o’ the pirate cast is on the airwaves.
Greeley's Morning Guys Much More to Pirate Radio than Forgotten Music
Each DJ honestly cares. Life can be very difficult at times. We are happy to encourage you on a personal level.


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